Walter Brown Historic Cemetery

Walter Brown Historic CemeteryWalter Brown Historic CemeteryWalter Brown Historic Cemetery

Walter Brown Historic Cemetery

Walter Brown Cemetery is now inherited and being taken care of by his granddaughter, Regina Romain, who is also the distant granddaughter of General Thomas Jefferson Chambers, the man to whom Chambers County was named and the place where Walter Brown Cemetery was born.  

General Thomas Jefferson Chambers  had an affair with his black servant, Harriet Jackson, Regina’s distant grandmother. Harriet became pregnant with  Chamber's baby at the same time his 30-year-old younger wife was pregnant. That baby is Amanda Gailes,  who is buried in the Walter Brown Cemetery alongside her daughter Pricilla Brown and son-in-law, Walter Brown. Her mother Harriet is also buried in the cemetery amongst a legacy of Chambers County history. 

Chambers was assassinated in his house in chamber’s county.  His murder is still a mystery.   But Chambers love for his family lives on through the love for his daughter Amanda who was laid to rest on the 22 acres of land he deeded to her. That land is the Walter Brown Cemetery. 

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Walter Brown Cemetery in Old-River Texas is an Historical African American Cemetery. It lays to rest, African-American Vets of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Civil War, and the descendants of slaves and sharecroppers. 

More than 200+ burials, earliest about 1920's. The cemetery is still in use and unmarked graves are still being recovered.

Even In Death

Love Lives On

Adopt-A-Baby Grave

Adopt-A-Baby Grave


Walter Brown was a generous man who loved his family and contributed to his community. He helped to bury many who couldn't afford to be buried. Most importantly babies. Walter Brown believed no parent should have to bury a child.

Adopt-A-Baby Grave

Adopt-A-Baby Grave

Adopt-A-Baby Grave


In the natural order of things, parents are not meant to bury their  children, yet when a parent’s worst nightmare  does occur, families are assisted  with a FREE burial plot. The Child Funeral Charity says that “many funeral directors, clergy and most celebrants do not charge fees for a child’s funeral. But there are other funeral related expenses that bereaved parents struggle to find. These mostly include burial fees. 


Your support and generous donation is for repairs and general upkeep of the cemetery grounds. Without perpetual care funds, money is not available to tend to grave sites and the continuation of free baby graves.  And because there are many babies who are nameless, support is needed to make sure they're not forgotten.  You can help by adopting a baby grave with one of the following donations: 

  • $20 for one month adoption
  • $120 for six month adoption
  • $240 for twelve month adoption

You will be sent a Baby Certificate of Adoption. You will also receive  information about your baby grave. Please make sure your address is added to your donation.  By adopting a baby grave your support cradles a baby in heaven. 

You can also support our baby graves with A $10.00 donation (plus $3.00 shipping and handling) with the purchase of our children's book. Book is suitable for 2-6 year olds and the recipe for Munster Cookies is included. Make sure your address is added to your donation and we will mail you a copy.     

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