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Sometimes the dead have a story to tell. Cloaked in the shroud of darkness of murder and mystery surrounding General Thomas Jefferson Chambers, the Walter Brown Historic Cemetery is one of the most haunted cemeteries in Texas. It has been said that late at night the spirit of a man can be seen wandering the grounds of the old cemetery. Is this one of the tormented souls angry about the homes built on top of them like the Black Hope Curse Haunting “Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist” a few miles away, or Walter Brown himself angry some of the babies are underneath the homes? Until now, it has never been open to paranormal investigations. 

Join us January 11th 2020 at 6pm in this inaugural paranormal investigation.  Can you figure out the truth behind the mysteries that surround the Walter Brown Historic Cemetery? Tickets are $15.00 per person but can also be purchased night of investigation. No checks accepted.  One hundred percent of proceeds will go to the Walter Brown Cemetery Association Fund. 

Meet Psychic Medium Lorie Johnson at 12pm for a mini reading.  Lorie is well known by her radio show Whispers From Heaven with blogtalkradio. 

Cemetery is located at FM 565 Old River-Winfree, TX, 77523.  (From Baytown, 1-10 E, take exit 803 toward FM 565, turn left onto FM 565, 2 miles down on the right.)


Additional Information

Walter Brown’s cemetery is now inherited and being investigated by his granddaughter, Regina Romain, who is also the distant granddaughter of General Thomas Jefferson Chambers, the man to whom Chambers County was named and the place where Walter Brown Cemetery was born. In the process of solving a family history, haunting secrets and the disturbing truth of a county are being unveiled. 

General Thomas Jefferson Chambers  had an affair (some say married) with his black servant, Harriet Jackson, Regina’s distant grandmother. Harriet became pregnant with Chamber's baby at the same time his 30-year-old younger wife was pregnant. That baby is Amanda Gailes who is buried in the Walter Brown Cemetery alongside her daughter, Pricilla Brown and son-in-law, Walter Brown.  

Chambers was assassinated in his house in chamber’s county.  His murder is still a mystery. And just like his connection to the cemetery, his  house is also very haunted. A dark shadow can be seen staring out the window of the room he was murdered in. A very loud scream can also be heard from the second story of the home. 

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Walter Brown Cemetery in Old-River Texas is an Historical African American Cemetery. It lays to rest, African-American Vets of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Civil War, and the descendants of slaves and sharecroppers. 

More than 100+ burials, earliest about 1920's. The cemetery is still in use and unmarked graves are still being recovered.


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Haunted Walter Brown Historic Cemetery

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