Saving Graves

Your support and generous donation is for repairs and general upkeep of the cemetery grounds. Without perpetual care funds, money is not available to tend to grave sites and free baby graves.  To adopt a baby grave donate one of the amounts listed on the home page. You will be sent a Baby Certificate of Adoption.  You will also receive  information about your baby grave. Please make sure your address is added to your donation. 

A $13.00 donation is for the purchase of the children's book Munster Cookies.  Please make sure your address is added to your donation. 

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A Parent's Story

36-Year-Old Mother


"I have never lost a child before and was devastated. What’s even worse is that me and my partner are both unemployed, and have no money to bury our child."

Toni Naluai


"I'm not supposed to bury my baby," she said through tears. "He's supposed to bury me. It's not supposed to happen like this." 



"The loss of a child is a nightmare for every parent. In the first few hours and days of grief and shock, it’s hard to know what to do. It’s especially hard when the loss occurs in early pregnancy, since our culture isn’t accustomed to treating unborn babies as human beings — and this happens even in pro-life circles. "

Emily Rose's Story


"I had only one chance to love Emily while she was still in the world. Only 20 more weeks. We tried to take advantage of all of them. Emily had her own personality. I didn't understand before those months how a mother could bond before birth--but I tried. Although the medical professionals asserted she would be both blind and deaf, Emily reacted to sound. More than that, she could react in specific ways to specific words I said! She put us in mind of Mary in The Secret Garden, solemnly telling Colin, 'If everyone thought I was going to die, I wouldn't do it.' And we hoped not--we sincerely hoped not."